2014: Arne Hoffmann ruft „Jahr des Mannes“ aus

Der bekannte Männerrechtler Arne Hoffmann ruft in seinem Blog Genderama am heutigen Tage für 2014 das „Jahr des Mannes“ aus. Sein Vorbild ist der britische Männerrechtler Glen Poole, dem es vor Allem um die hohen Selbstmordzahlen von Männern geht.

2014 has been declared the Year of the Male by the male suicide prevention charity, CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably) who are co-ordinating a „year-long exploration and celebration of what it means to be a man“.

To mark the launch of the initiative CALM has published a „Charter for Contemporary Man“ that I played a role in drafting in partnership with leading psychologists and academics, the CEO of Men’s Health Forum and the team at CALM.

We may have different views on why we need a Year of the Male, but we broadly agree that there’s been a huge shift in men and women’s roles in the past 50 years. We’ve signed this charter because we believe the time has come for us to ask the big questions about what it means to be a man in the UK today and what changes we need to make to create a fair and flourishing society that works for everyone.

Der komplette Beitrag findet sich hier.


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